Inflated Property Values Costing You?

Take a look at your property tax bill.  You may find common errors that are affecting your tax bill.  Start off by double checking the assessor’s tax records. Confirm your square footage, bedroom and bathroom count.  Often times homeowners point out errors in the County assessor’s tax records and are successful in appealing their property taxes.  Homeowners must appeal their current assessment through the local County Assessor’s office.  “I highly recommend that you equip yourself with the right information”, says Allen Brodetsky president of Boutique Realty. “Before you spend your time and resources on expensive professional help, you may want to call your realtor and order comparable reports to help you gauge the value of your home.”

Depending on the information collected by the comparable report, a homeowner may decide to hire a professional appraiser to strengthen their appeal.  Though property tax consultant and tax appeal attorneys may be successful in appealing your property taxes; often times their services are unaffordable and not guaranteed.  You may determine if such an expense is feasible by calculating your approximate tax savings.  If you anticipate a 1,000 savings yearly it may be worth it to contract a professional if you are not able to win your appeal. Allen Brodetsky president of Boutique Realty recommends trying to reassess property taxes on your own first. The property tax assessment appeals form can be obtained from your local County assessor’s office.

Here are links to Los Angeles and surrounding counties tax assessor’s websites:

Los Angeles County Tax Assessor –

Ventura County Tax Assessor –

 Santa Barbara County Tax Assessor –

Kern County Tax Assessor –

San Louis Obispo Tax Assessor –

Orange County Tax Assessor –

San Bernardino Tax Assessor –

Riverside County Tax Assessor –

San Diego County Tax Assessor –

Imperial County Tax Assessor –

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