3 Simple Steps For Selling Your Home

When you’ve decided to sell your home in Southern California, it is important that you don’t just stick a sign in the front yard and wing it.  The real estate market in greater Los Angeles has come alive recently, and so many people are looking to buy a home.  This puts you in a terrific position as a seller, but you won’t want to miss out on getting the best offers for your home by listing it haphazardly.

Here are three few action items you’ll want to be mindful of before listing your home for sale:

Interview & Hire a REALTOR®

Statistics don’t lie.  Home sellers who employ the services of an experienced, reputable REALTOR® typically get a better price on their home, than homeowners who choose to sell their homes without the expertise of a real estate agent.

When selecting your REALTOR® you’ll want to ask potential candidates a few questions.  How familiar are they with the location of your home?  Are they typically a buyer’s agent, or do they regularly sell homes similar to yours?  Will they help you market your home?  What listing services will they use to advertise your home? How often will they be in contact with you?

Do a thorough interview of potential REALTORS® to find an agent who you feel most comfortable with, and who has a specific strategy for getting your home sold quickly, and for the best price.

Start Making Home Improvements

Your REALTOR® will make recommendations to you on how to maximize your home’s curb appeal.  This may include planting extra flowers, trimming trees back, and generally tidying up the exterior of the home, as it is the first impression potential buyers will form.

Likewise, rid the interior of your home of clutter.  Consider temporarily storing extraneous items that you won’t need while you are still living in the home. This is helpful in showcasing space, and it allows buyers to picture their own belongings in your home.  Likewise, minimizing personal effects allows potential buyers to judge the home objectively for its design, location and structure.

Determine Your Listing Price

Together with your REALTOR®, determine a favorable but realistic listing price for your home.  There is danger in pricing your home too high initially, as that will result in an extended time on the market (which turns buyers off!). Boutique Realty’s expert agents will utilize all relevant data, including comps, sales statistics in your community, and their tenured experience to help you price your home so that it sells quickly, while ensuring you don’t get short-changed.

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